Philip P. Hayden, Ed.D.
Law Enforcement Consultant • Retired Special Agent – FBI

Sample Cases

Desranleau v. Boy Scouts of America

During a Boy Scout trip, a 13 year-old Boy Scout was injured when rappelling as he fell to the rocks and ground below. (more)

Self v. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

During a nighttime search warrant of a trailer, which contained drug paraphernalia and firearms, a female subject complained a SWAT member used excessive force on her when she did not readily obey his commands. The officer denied this allegation. (more)

Douglas v. Public Safety Commission, et al.

Police were sued in civil court for “Excessive Use of Force.” During an entry into a residential trailer, the family dog was shot and the resident of the trailer was struck in the forehead by an officer using a flashlight to defend himself. (more)

Shultz v. U.S. Government

During a dynamic vehicle stop, an FBI agent shot an innocent person who was misidentified as a subject of an armed bank robbery. (more)

Johnson v. Broomell

A police officer saw a car run a red light and followed it. Upon stopping the vehicle and yelling for the driver to exit the vehicle, he deployed his TASER on the driver numerous times. (more)

Estate of Zijad Nukic v. Michael Rayjohn Walbey, et al.

A neighbor heard a commotion next door and went to investigate with his grandfather. An intoxicated man came outside and attacked the neighbor and his grandfather with a broken table. The neighbor shot and killed the intoxicated man. (more)